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Let's Ask Our Employee Benefits Department

Disperse The Workload

Do you have an Employee Benefits Department?

We have one for you. We know how hard it can be to feel like you must know everything about major medical insurance, then dental, then vision, then supplementary; fielding questions from employees and managers during sign on, renewal, and in between.

Unravel The Complexity

The MyCORE team live and breathe the benefits world.

We’re experts in our field and the best part is, we’ve already been working in your town, in your neighborhood, for years. Wouldn’t you rather a familiar face in your area to help unravel the complexity of employee benefits?

Provide stability

Confidence in a nationwide product with local service.

We work with the nation’s leading providers, leveraging decades-long relationships, to form a bedrock that you can safely and securely stand on.


From Expense to Asset in Just One Meeting

Budget Control

You can still offer competitive benefits without getting slammed by out-of-control healthcare expenses.

Better Than Compliant

Tell your employees they’re worth more than the minimum. When it comes to benefits, aim for better than compliant.

Risk Mitigation

Keeping up with the latest in employee benefits policies, laws, and industry requirements is stressful. Work with our licensed team and make your decisions confidently.

Real People Options

Our strategies give you more options. These options have made real changes for real people and they’ve been life-saving. For real.


Can Benefits Really Be Beautiful?

Oh, yes. Yes they can.

Your new benefits program is now in the palm of your hand.

We’ve made benefits beautiful by combining thoughtful, high touch service with accessible, streamlined technology.

Powered By

Secure, Robust, Paperless

MyCORE uses EaseCentral, a customizable web-based or mobile app, allowing your employees to take action and control over their benefits needs, 24/7.

  • View plans and rates
  • Retrieve policies
  • Update information
  • Manage inquiries

Customize with your corporate brand. Easy to use.
Power from your everyday device.